Liam Young, 14 07 14

Loop, 60hz: Transmissions from the Drone Orchestra is an immersive live music and drone performance developed through a new collaboration between Tomorrows Thoughts Today’s Liam Young and musician John Cale, formerly of the Velvet Underground. John Cale, known for experimenting with different industrial sounds in his practice, once tuned his instruments to the hum of refrigerator motors. Cale in collaboration with Liam Young now explore the soundscape of a new generation, the distant rumble of drone propellers, to be set against the visual spectacle of Young’s choreographed flying machines. Typically associated with militarised applications, each drone is repurposed here as both disembodied instrument and dynamic audio infrastructure. The performance will be stage across two nights in the Barbican Theatre in London. Tickets are selling out fast. You can purchase tickets here.

[Image credits: top- Piper Ferguson. Bottom- Jonathan Gales]



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