Darryl Chen, 26 07 08

SCENE 1: The eurostar brakes in a slick building etched from the streamlined contours of the supertrain in flight – fellow passengers are funnelled into single file behind you for effective processing – durable granite paving sets are the perfect foil for every kind of advertiser’s indecent exposure – and beyond… just beyond you can sense a shape, a crowd, a sudden roar of international bloodsport, a sign that your games are about to begin.

SCENE 7: Tickets are dispensed the old way by a person behind a booth – disney is all about the human – the olympics are about the human spirit – your ticket is collected and you proceed through a paper-thin facade – a monumental gateway – the vision of a threshold you have been walking through for the last ten minutes… or two – people – no, characters, are greeting you, famous men and women of sport – Jesse Owens is directing pensioners to motorized wheelchairs – Greg Laguinas is manning a baby centre – Michael Johnson is dispensing information on diabetes facilities. And at the end of the axis of this linear space is the main attraction, the star of the show, if it wasn’t you – a veritable cinderella’s castle of a sports stadium – this is where the opening and closing parades of this huge event take place – minor stars from less popular sports will be paraded daily from 3:15.

SCENE 16: But no – for later – now there is no time to waste – virtual taekwondo – korean martial arts in a generic east asian setting of tatami floors, bamboo screening and the smell of roast duck – cameras are positioned on the combatants, coaches direct the action, commentators call the shots – you are immersed within a heady matrix of action, spectacle and carnal delight….

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  • 1. marian  |  October 24th, 2009 at 7:23 pm

    Like the program!

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