Liam Young, 15 10 15

As a part of the Human+, The Future of Our Species exhibition at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona Liam Young has developed another panorama and set of models for the ongoing project New City. You can see the new project at Human+ from 7 October 2015 – 10 April 2016 . New City is an ongoing series of animated skylines of the near future. In intricate detail they depict a speculative urbanism or exaggerated present, that is a projection of the environmental, political and cultural consequences of new technologies. Photographs taken on expeditions around the world documenting these emerging phenomena have been meticulously stitched together and reimagined to form each future city skyline. In this way ‘New City’ slips between the documentary and the visionary, where current trends are satirized and extrapolated to provoke a discussion about the impact technology has on our world. Machines of Post Human Production is the latest panorama from New City and depicts scenes from along the planetary scaled conveyor belt and endless factory floor of technology manufacture. Along this global infrastructure the body has been repurposed as a machine, just one more component of a production line which connects the cities of consumption to the online shopping distribution centre, the autonomous container ships of maritime trade, the rows of choreographed factory robots and the super scaled mining equipment that roam the earth. Driven by efficiency algorithms, watching over us through programmed machine vision these are the creatures of the post Anthropocene, the mechanisms that now produce our world.


Liam Young, 14 07 14

Loop, 60hz: Transmissions from the Drone Orchestra is an immersive live music and drone performance developed through a new collaboration between Tomorrows Thoughts Today’s Liam Young and musician John Cale, formerly of the Velvet Underground. John Cale, known for experimenting with different industrial sounds in his practice, once tuned his instruments to the hum of refrigerator motors. Cale in collaboration with Liam Young now explore the soundscape of a new generation, the distant rumble of drone propellers, to be set against the visual spectacle of Young’s choreographed flying machines. Typically associated with militarised applications, each drone is repurposed here as both disembodied instrument and dynamic audio infrastructure. The performance will be stage across two nights in the Barbican Theatre in London. Tickets are selling out fast. You can purchase tickets here.

[Image credits: top- Piper Ferguson. Bottom- Jonathan Gales]




Liam Young, 06 03 10

I am pleased to announced that Wen Ying Teh and her project from the Menagerie studio at the AA ‘Necessary Monsters’ run by Liam Young and Kate Davies has been awarded the RIBA 2009 Bronze Medal. The studio have trawled the wilds of genetic modification, augmented bodies and neo biological invention to query today’s idealistic and preservationist views of the natural world. For three weeks we voyaged south, following Darwin’s expedition to the Galapagos Islands and South America. We discovered a precious and fragile wilderness teetering at the point of collapse, an ecology in crisis, bearing the scars of a ravenous tourist economy. Projects were developed in this context as critical tools to instigate debate and raise questions about architectural practice in relation to the social and political consequences of various environmental and technological futures.  Read below for an exert of the project or explore it in full on the RIBA website. (more…)


Darryl Chen, 28 07 09

Last weekend the Watermans Gallery sponsored a kick-off event for the ‘Power of 8′ project. Opening up our discussion to the public, a steady stream of participants ranging from the radically activist to the playfully naive populated a main table with walking houses, snow stimulators, solar powered airships, public free boxes, new wireless connectivity and human spinning tops. More images here.



Darryl Chen, 24 06 09

Tomorrow’sThoughtsToday has been invited to participate in collaborative art project The Power of 8. The project seeks to bring together 8 future thinkers to speculate on an optimistic future. TTT is being joined by experts in the fields of nanotechnology, advertising, permaculture, psychology and political science, and is being brought together by designer and filmmaker Anab Jain. Outcomes of the collaboration will inhabit a West London gallery and will also travel overseas. Watch this space.