Liam Young, 21 04 09

You are either a DC fan or a Marvel fan. These two competing comic universes breed a strange kind of loyalty. Both have their own stable of celebrated heroes and reviled villains. DC writers have penned the adventures of Superman and Batman and Marvel has breathed life into the likes of Spiderman, Daredevil and the X-Men. Perhaps more intriguingly however, these two comic icons each have a very different approach to the rendering of the cityscapes in which their epic struggles of good and evil play out.

The DC atlas is made up of a universe of imaginary cities, worlds off the map, which can only be walked through the pages of their comics. Marvel heroes though, are always spotted flying through the streets of real cities, the familiar spaces that many of us mortals tread each day. DC invents extraordinary cities as stage sets for their stories, Marvel invents extraordinary stories that are staged in the everyday.  In different ways these two fictional worlds are expressions of our own dreams and fears, desires and frailties. They are reflections of the culture we aspire to, and the depths to which we see ourselves descending. (more…)