Darryl Chen, 21 12 09

DIY Urbanism makes a debut in this quarter’s Urban Design magazine – the voice of many an embattled professional urban designer and sourcebook for shared surface roads, character-based place-making and high quality inclusive public realm (among other para-governmental best practice design guidance).

The journal devotes its regular Viewpoint pages to the “cheeky? incisive?” TTT project which is otherwise featured on this site as “How to be a successful urban designer” (scroll down for that post in this column). (more…)


Darryl Chen, 25 10 08

In ten easy steps, we show you how to prepare a regeneration masterplan report to match anything produced by professionals. Don’t know anything about urbanism? Hell, anyone can do it! Viva la DIY! Just click the images below. Pens ready? (more…)