Liam Young, 21 09 11

Liam YOung will be presenting on September 21st as part of Young London: The Best Design of 2011 at the Gopher Hole in London.

“The Gopher Hole and Anna Bates have selected the best projects of the year by some of the most talented young designers in London. Each studio will have 10 minutes to present their work and discuss their ideas. Speakers include architects, graphic designers, product designers and many people who work across disciplines from all over the city.”

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Keep reading for the evenings lineup of speakers.

***18:30 Bedford Press***
Zak Kyes presents the Bedford press, a project initiated by the Architectural Association which aims to establish a more responsive model of small-scale publishing, nimble enough to encompass the entire chain of production in a single fluid activity, from initial commission to the final printing.

***18:45 Pernilla Ohrstedt***
Pernilla is a London-based designer and architect. She is part of the collaborative design collective Flock and has just founded a studio with Asif Kahn with whom she has created ‘the memory pavilion’.

***19:00 Assemble***
Non-profit organisation Assemble are the creators of the a temporary canal-side cinema under a London motorway flyover this summer. last year they organised the Cineroleum, a cinema in a petrol station on city road.

***19:15 Choy Ka Fei***
New media artist and contemporary performance director, Choy Ka Fai has created numerous multi-disciplinary projects that situates his work at the intersections of Visual Arts, Dance and Theatre.

–Musical Interlude-Type Two Error–

***19:45 Lingjing Yin***
London-based designer and artist Lingjing Yin is a graduate from RCA Product design. Her interests revolve around sound, physicality, communication and emotion.

***20:00 Nicola Morgan***
Nicola Morgan is a fashion designer who continues to explore the potential for modern technology to infiltrate fashion, creating her aesthetic through constant re-evaluation of construction as detail.

***20:15 Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today***
TTT is a London-based think tank exploring the consequences of fantastic, perverse and underrated urbanisms. This site is organized as an open sketchbook of our current themes and design projects an ever-expanding repository of our collective research.

***20:30 Nelly Ben Hayoun***
Nelly Ben Hayoun is a creative director and experience designer from France, living and working in London. She is a graduate from RCA Design interactions course and is exhibiting in Beijing Design Triennale and Paris Design Week.

–Musical Interlude-Type Two Error–

***21:00 Revital Cohen***
Revital Cohen is a designer who develops critical objects and provocative scenarios exploring the juxtaposition of the natural with the artificial. Her work spans across various mediums and includes collaborations with scientists, bioethicists and animal breeders.

***21:15 Klassnik Corporation***
The Klassnik Corporation, is a London based interdisciplinary design practice focused on architectural research. Recent projects include proposals for a super heated London in 2035, augmenting historic landmarks to compete with new developments, the future evolution of UK universities, an arts strategy for the 2012 Olympics, exhibition design for the Royal College of Art and childrens learning activity packs for the Design Museum.

***21:30 Something & Son***
Something & Son are a collaborative design studio and founders of Daslton’s FARM:Shop as well as recent projects at the V&A and Gwangju Design Biennale.

***21:45 Kieren Jones***
Kieren Jones is part of a design team which is proposing to turn a retired fishing trawler into a plastic chair factory, fishing plastic from the polluted seas and beaches around the South West of the UK

***22:00 Marguerite Humeau***
Marguerite Humeau’s work explores the fictional potential of scientific experiments and the role of science in the creation of contemporary myths. This speculative territory provides many narrative and performative opportunities

***22:15 The Decorators***
The Decorators are one architect, one landscape architect, a psychologist and an interior designer. With a wide range of skills we have developed an integrated and collaborative approach to design. Their recent project ‘Ridley Road Pop Up Restaurant’

***22:30 Marek Kultys***
Marek Kultys is an multidisciplinary designer who graduated from CSM Communication Design. His recent experimental design project in science and fiction is ‘the end of hearing’

***22:45 Thomas Thwaites***
Thomas Thwaites is a designer (of a more speculative sort), interested in technology, science and futures research, as well as communicating complex subjects in engaging ways.

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