Darryl Chen, 04 08 11

TTT is Associated Partner for Exchange Radical Moments! Live Art Festival, a Europe-wide art event that will take place simultaneously across Amsterdam, Berlin, Bitola, Chisinau, Linz, Liverpool, Praha, Riga, Slubfurt, Stockholm and others on the auspicious date of 11.11.11.

The latest happening as part of the lead-up to the big event is a competition for the re-use of objects in the city. See information below.GO11 AWARD FOR URBAN ALTERNATE USE

Deadline:  5 September 2011.
More information:  go.11moments.org

To encourage and celebrate resourcefulness in the city, EXCHANGE RADICAL MOMENTS! Live Art Festival is awarding a prize for the most innovative re-use of an urban object or area for a new purpose. From telephone boxes being re-used as tree planters to street signs being used as musical instruments, the urban landscape is no longer the end of a creative process, but the beginning. The city has become source material and urban residents around the world are finding new uses for the existing infrastructure of their city. Do you have an idea for how an existing object or area in the city could be put to better or unusual use? Have you seen or created an alternate use for something in the city?

The GO11 Award is a €500 prize for the best examples of re-using existing objects and areas of the city for a new purpose.

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