Liam Young, 05 05 11

Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today have several projects- Where the Grass is Greener, Specimens of Unnatural History, Make me a Mountain! and an essay ‘Productive Dystopias’ in the new book ‘Utopia Forever: Visions of Architecture and Urbanism’ edited by Lukas Feireiss + Robert Klanten.

Utopia Forever, is a book that strives to bring together today’s architectural and urban visions of possible futures that rise above the disillusionment of the present, and expand the imaginative horizons of human potential, simultaneously revealing the conflicts this architecture provokes, and outlining the potential implications for our world. From magnificent master plans, floating islands and flying fortresses, to visionary cityscapes and extraordinary habitats, Utopia Forever showcases the best examples of experimental architectural propositions that have originated in recent years. Some are ironic yet critical, others affirmative yet progressive; but all are rather ambiguous and exploratory. In addition to the numerous projects from around the globe presented in this book, Utopia Forever moreover provides a selection of essays by various architects and theorists that critically discuss numerous questions associated with the subject of architectural utopias.

The book also includes essays by Lukas Feireiss, Dan Wood and Amale Andraos (WORKac), Darryl Chen (Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today), Geoff Manaugh (Bldgblog), Matthias Böttger and Ludwig Engel (raumtaktik) and Ulf Hackauf (The Why Factory)

and contributions by Alicia Framis, Amid.Cero9, Anne Holtrop, Anthi Grapsa, Anthony Lau, Arup, Atelier van Lieshout, Ballistic Architecture Machine, Behrang Behin, Bjarke Ingels Group, CDMB Architects, Christian Kerrigan, Christian Waldvogel, Crab Studio, CTRLZ Architectures, Daniel Dociu, David A. Garcia, David Benque, Design Crew for Architecture, Dylan Cole, Faulders Studio, Federico Pedrini, Forrest Fulton, Giacomo Costa, Greg Lynn Form, Hans-Jurgen Rombaut, Héctor Zamora, Hodgetts + Fung, Hollwich Kushner, Höweler + Yoon, IaN+, Iwamotoscott, JDS Architects, John Wardle, Jürgen Mayer H., Kobas Laksa, Luc Schuiten, MAD Architects, Magnus Larson, Mas Yendo, Matsys, Metamorphose, McGauran Giannini, Mila Studio, Meta-Territory-Studio, MVRDV, Naja & DeOstos, NH Architecture, Nicolas Mouret, NL Architects, Off Architecture, OFL Architecture, OnOffice, Protocol Architecture, R Architects, R&Sie(n), Rael San Fratello, Remote-Controlled, Richard Hardy, Room11, Senseable City Laboratory, Shimizu Corporation, Silu Yang, Speedism, Squint Opera, Stéphane Malka, Strawn Sierralta, Studio Lindfors, Studiomobile, Taylor Medlin, Terreform One, The Why Factory, Tomas Saraceno, Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today, Vahan Misakyan, Vincent Callebaut, WORKac

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