Darryl Chen, 01 09 10

This thursday is the opening of the Imaginarium: A Theatre For Constructed Ecologies in Berlin. Co-curated by Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today and Studio Lukas Feireiss with Luis Berrios-Negron, this special exhibit is devoted to the prescient subject of ecological change and adaptations caused by artificial interventions into existing ecosystems. The Imaginarium forms part of the exhibition Examples to Follow: Expeditions in Aesthetics and Sustainability curated by Adrienne Gohler.

‘The Imaginarium’ is curated as an unnatural history museum of archaeological fragments,
 botanical samples, exhibits, evidence and curiosities contributed to the exhibition by leading figures from the world of architecture, art and science. 

Archived in the accompanying Catalogue of Speculative Specimens we see this jump in the fossil record, an evolutionary leap, as the interbreeding of biology and technology gives birth to a strange new nature. Here we gaze out across the near future population of our augmented wilderness. We lie in wait, where the wild things are, as these early specimens breed and multiply, to generate the new cities of a day soon to come.

Examples to Follow: Expeditions in Aesthetics and Sustainability
Uferhallen, Berlin
Opening Party : Thursday 2 September 2010
Exhibition: 3 September to 3 October 2010

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