Liam Young, 03 11 08

Drifting endlessly above the earth are the suburban dwellers that occupy these visions of 70’s space utopias. In the looming shadow of the cold war fears of nuclear apocalypse led us to envision new worlds above the crust of the earth drifting endlessly as orbital suburbs with all the comforts of home.

Around the world these same fears have led us to burrow underground building shelters to protect ourselves from catastrophe.

Floating in the mean seas of the everyday are the protected pockets of picket fences and mincured lawns of gated communities. The borders of these planned communities are sternly defended from anxieties of what’s to come beyond their walls.

Waiting for the End of the World the spaces in these images sit dormant, with the dinner table set, quirky, somewhat paranoid, and occasionally beautiful protected worlds. They are spaces that provide the barest necessities for survival but also maintain a level of idiosyncratic personality that testify to both our endurance and our madness.

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