Liam Young, 03 11 08

Nothing dates like images of the future. As a wide eyed child I remember sitting cross legged on the floor, with the flickering images of the Jetsons illuminating my saturady morning, thumbing through the pages of the Usborne books of the Future and the World of Tomorrow series.

Then the years 2000 and beyond were to be filled with flying cars, servant robots, space stations and moon beams.  They gave voice to the myth and magic of unknown beyonds as they mined the gaps in the pragmatic landscapes of the days scientific truths.

The visions contained in these retro pages are more accurately readings of the time in which they were written rather than any prophetic image of tomorrow. They form histories of the fictional future and tell as much about the dreams and anxieties of the 70’s and 80’s as any encyclopedia of scientific fact.

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