Liam Young, 08 12 15

Join speculative architect Liam Young and an all-seeing smart city operating system as they ride along in a driverless taxi on a storytelling tour through a network of software systems, autonomous infrastructures, ghost architectures, anomalies, glitches and sprites, searching for the wilds beyond the machine. This performance is an audio-visual expedition to a city found somewhere between the present and the predicted, the real and the imagined, stitched together from fragments of real landscapes and designed urban fictions.

Commissioned by the Chicago Architecture Biennial, “Hello, City!” is a live cinema performance of Where the City Can’t See, the world’s first fiction film made entirely from data (directed by  Liam Young and written by fiction author Tim Maughan). Spoken word, multiscreen projections, dancers, voice artists and live musical accompaniment from Aneek Thapar – Sonic Artist/Ninja Tune featuring tracks by KILN and Kill Memory Crash all combine to breathe life into this near-future Detroit. The computer vision systems of Google Maps, urban management systems, and CCTV surveillance are now fundamentally reshaping urban experience and the cultures of our city. Set in the Chinese-owned and -controlled Detroit Economic Zone (DEZ) and shot using laser scanners, the film presents this near-future city through the eyes of the robots that manage it.​

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