Liam Young, 14 10 14

On October 15th Liam Young will be speaking at Rice University School of Architecture, Houston, TX as part of their ‘Near Future’ talk series. The event investigates the question- what will our cities and buildings look like in 10 years? From what sources, both physical and immaterial, will they be constructed?  The near future lies just beyond the horizon, and so with continuous effort we attempt to give it form, knowing full well that our predictions will soon expire. This three-part series brings together a diverse group of visionaries – architects, artists, photographers, and filmmakers – whose work is speculative while remaining attached to the present. In these lectures, dialogues, and discussions, the speakers will address the ways we represent and construct both time and space while forecasting what is yet to come. Also speaking with Liam Young will be artist Agnieszka Kurant.

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