Darryl Chen, 24 03 09

Futurology, future-casting or futurism (with a little ‘f’) used to be a serious business. Now it’s just become business. (more…)


Liam Young, 03 11 08

Japan thinks the real world should be more like Gundam, the apocalyptic robot war series. Next year, a team of experts from all walks of life will join together to form the Gundam Academy, an academic institution dedicated to bringing humanity into the age of mecha suits, helper robots, and space colonization. It’s time for the Universal Century. (more…)


Darryl Chen, 21 07 08

Today we are ruled by a tyranny of the new. An unflagging faith in progress has been a hallmark of pioneer Modernists of the early 20th century – and even earlier – and this is as felt now as ever given the speed at which we interact with our culture. (Speed it can be argued has even given way to the instantaneous). How the works of our hands will be judged by future generations is told in how our culture values past works of architecture that were performed with the same spirit of freshness and progress.