Liam Young, 13 03 18

Liam Young will be In Austin Texas this week to close the SxSW Cities Summit with a performance of ‘City Everywhere: A Storytelling Tour Through the Landscapes of Technology’.  The perfromance starts at 5pm, March 13th. Travel with Liam and an all-seeing smart city operating system as they take a tour in a driverless taxi on a storytelling tour through the flickering screen and beyond the fog of the cloud, to explore City Everywhere, a quasi-fictional city of the near future, extrapolated from the fears and wonders of an increasingly complex present. Seen through the eyes of the machines we are now designing our cities for you will visit the autonomous infrastructures, industrial territories and sacrificial landscapes that span from the robot ports on the Siberian coastline to the massive mining excavations carved from the middle of Australia where our gadgets begin their lives. Our luminous technologies cast shadows that stretch across the planet.

Liam will also be speaking on March 14th for the panel Research, Exploration, Art: The Holy Trinity of VR Creation with media artists Marshmallow Laser Feast, Jennifer Stein and Wired writer Peter Rubin.


Liam Young, 07 11 14

On November 13th 6:30pm Liam Young will be performing his new storytelling lecture ‘Baby, Baby: Justin Bieber and the Shadows of Technology’ at the Pratt School of Architecture in Brooklyn, New York. The event is free and open to the public. For details see the event page.


Liam Young, 14 10 14

On October 15th Liam Young will be speaking at Rice University School of Architecture, Houston, TX as part of their ‘Near Future’ talk series. The event investigates the question- what will our cities and buildings look like in 10 years? From what sources, both physical and immaterial, will they be constructed?  The near future lies just beyond the horizon, and so with continuous effort we attempt to give it form, knowing full well that our predictions will soon expire. This three-part series brings together a diverse group of visionaries – architects, artists, photographers, and filmmakers – whose work is speculative while remaining attached to the present. In these lectures, dialogues, and discussions, the speakers will address the ways we represent and construct both time and space while forecasting what is yet to come. Also speaking with Liam Young will be artist Agnieszka Kurant.


Liam Young, 14 11 11

Tomorrows Thoughts Today’s Liam Young will be speaking in San Francisco at the California College for the Arts, Nov 14th 7:00pm. Liam will be taking the audience on a walk through the near future wilderness with his storytelling performance titled ‘A Field Guide to the Landscapes of Technology’. The event is in association with the Headlands Centre for the Arts where Liam is the inagural artist in residence for the Architecture and Environments programme.



Darryl Chen, 08 11 10

Ji Hoon Kim from Darryl Chen and Elena Pascolo’s Bartlett M.Arch studio has been awarded second prize in the SCI-Arc Cleantech Corridor International Competition. Ji Hoon responded to the brief to reimagine LA’s Downtown with a scenario of a near-future creative industry as a place of prolific physical production. Juror Stan Allen noted that “a strategic way forward re-imagines the city of the future as a place not only of consumption, but a place where things are still made….” The MegaCreativeFactory muses on what kinds of near-dystopias are produced when the creative industries take on the scale and infrastructures of the postindustrial city.

More projects from last year’s Bartlett studio can be found at the newly launched Urban Provocations website.


Liam Young, 13 03 10

On 16th March 9.30am Tomorrows Thoughts Today’s Liam Young will be speaking on Dystopias, ideal communities gone wrong and the end of the world at the SxSW ‘Design for the Dark Side’ panel. Other panelists are Jason Nunes screenwriter, author, interaction designer and a guy partly responsible for some of the best straight to video horror films to come out of the 1990s and Rachel Abrams- designer of technologically mediated experiences, writer, academic. The gig will be chaired by IDEO’s Ben Fullerton.

And so the blurb…

“Design usually focuses on making the world around us better – optimism often rules the roost in our industry. But what might happen if we forced ourselves to design for a catastrophic or dystopian future? Can we learn something by designing for a darker side of human experience?”


Darryl Chen, 27 01 10

TTT will be exhibiting at LA’s Superfront Gallery 25 March through to 2 July in a new exhibition entitled Unplanned: Research and Experiments at the Urban Scale. Among other globally sourced artist/architect/think tanks exhibiting projects are Inaba and Salottobuono.

A group exhibit with more than twenty participants, “Unplanned” spans architecture, urban design, industrial design, conceptual art, and cartography to present an array of experimental work at the urban scale. Multi-disciplinary practitioners address emergent urbanism, “wild building”, and other alternatives to conventional urban planning.

Opening Reception Thursday March 25, 2010 5PM – 8PM
Pacific Design Center (PDC) Suite B208 | West Hollywood, CA | 90069