Liam Young, 05 03 14

The FutureEverything festival is an essential meeting ground of a global community shaping emerging debates around the technology, culture and governance of tomorrow. In the neo-gothic splendour of Manchester Town Hall on 31 Mar and 1 Apr, the two-day FutureEverything Conference will feature inspirational keynotes, participatory workshops and intimate talks from world leading practitioners and thinkers from design, art, urbanism, business, academia and more. Liam Young will première a new storytelling performance investigating the global scale implications of emerging technologies. Other speakers include Anthony Dunne, Golan Levin, James Bridle, Adam Greenfield, Koert Van Mensvoort et al.


Darryl Chen, 05 02 13

Offering architectural prozac for what could be a depressing month of february, Darryl Chen presents his picks this month as guest editor of the London Architecture Diary. Events swing from the bipolar extremes of global and local; natural and artificial; past and future; tasteful and well, less tasteful….


Liam Young, 21 09 11

Liam YOung will be presenting on September 21st as part of Young London: The Best Design of 2011 at the Gopher Hole in London.

“The Gopher Hole and Anna Bates have selected the best projects of the year by some of the most talented young designers in London. Each studio will have 10 minutes to present their work and discuss their ideas. Speakers include architects, graphic designers, product designers and many people who work across disciplines from all over the city.”

Reserve your free seats: rsvp@holygopher.com

Keep reading for the evenings lineup of speakers. (more…)


Liam Young, 05 05 11

Tomorrow’ Thoughts Today’s Liam Young is now running a new image catalogue Where the Wild Things Are. Check it out for your fill of black technologies, fanciful beasts, strange futures and alien landscapes. Get in touch with any suggestions for the catalogue.


Darryl Chen, 31 03 10

Alice in Wonderland… Avatar…? Get out yer old skool red and blues for this baby. Here’s a blatant marketing pitch reminding you we’re exploring sci-fantastic consequences of urbanism with one foot in the past, one foot in the present and one prosthetic appendage in the future.


Darryl Chen, 12 12 09

Is that really us in this month’s Blueprint magazine? Liam Young and Darryl Chen appear in the architecture and design mag’s special issue profiling 25 people who will be changing architecture and design in 2010. Props also go to David Adjaye, MIT’s Carlo Ratti, Toh Shimazaki, our pal Finn Williams, and a host of other movers and shakers. Check it out!

Yep, the year’s going to be full of wanton speculation a la perverse urbanism. On the cards for us: research trips to the Arctic Circle, Cuba and Guantanamo Bay; a book documenting last year’s Thrilling Wonder Stories at the AA, and an equally spectacular follow-up event; an exhibition in LA’s Superfront gallery; radical art in Switzerland and more productive dystopia you could shake a stick at. RSS feed us into your brain and get in contact with us if you want to jump on the Tomorrow’sThoughtsToday bandwagon!