Liam Young, 03 08 16

On August 5th in Tokyo Liam Young will be speaking as part of Sci Arc’s Kindling Symposium. At a time when moral pragmatism, atmospheric minimalism, and veiled virtuosity have come to dominate conversations on contemporary architecture on the Pacific Rim, KINDLING counters with a vision of the future characterized by unstable fictions, elaborate expression, and roaring multiplicities. Made up of small but easily combustible material ideal for starting a fire, Kindling is also a neurological process by which a seizure or other brain event is both initiated and its recurrence made more likely. Speakers include, SCI-Arc Director Hernan Diaz Alonso, Makoto Watanabe, Jun Sato, Souhei Imamura, Keisuke Toyoda, Hitoshi Abe, Steven Ma, Joe Day, Todd Gannon and John N Bohn. The event is free and open to the public and will be held at the National Art Center, Roppongi Tokyo, August 05, 2016 at 2:30pm – 7:30pm.


Liam Young, 01 06 15

Liam Young, of Tomorrows Thoughts Today, will be performing at two events in Japan this week. He will be performing ‘City Everywhere’ at The University of Tokyo on Saturday June 6th 12:30-14:00 (at UTokyo, Engineer bldg.1 415 ADS Room) and on June 7th he will be speaking on the Post Human City at ‘The Saga of Continuous Architecture’, a symposium at the Yokahama Port Terminal. The event also features Kengo Kuma, Kazuyo Sejima, Arata Isozaki, Jesse Reiser and Hernan Diaz Alonso.


Liam Young, 05 11 09

Liam Young from Tomorrows Thoughts Today is curating an exhibition and lecture on the work by the maverick ‘architect’ Mas Yendo.

Salvaged from the wreckage, Mas’ artifacts are evidence of a near future where labyrinthine, steel filaments mesh together like roots of an overgrown tree, mechanical elements bulge from decrepit structures, naked pipes wrap around each other in bondage. Loose wires, rusted steel panels, chipped paint, layered walls and the assimilation of organic entity and machine capture the essence of this city. Born in 1957 in Tokyo, Japan, his experimental works have been compiled in his monograph Ironic Diversions, published by Springer/Wien through Lebbeus Woods’  Research Institute of Experimental Architecture. He currently lives and works in New York City.

The exhibition titled E-X PROSTHESIS will be a collection of his extraordinary objects made from hacked military model kits and accompanying graphite drawings. Mas will give a lecture at 6.30 in the UCL Darwin lecture theater before opening the exhibition in the Bartlett School of Architecture Lobby Gallery.


Liam Young, 03 11 08

Japan thinks the real world should be more like Gundam, the apocalyptic robot war series. Next year, a team of experts from all walks of life will join together to form the Gundam Academy, an academic institution dedicated to bringing humanity into the age of mecha suits, helper robots, and space colonization. It’s time for the Universal Century. (more…)


Darryl Chen, 14 10 08

Five hours from Tokyo and a half hour boat ride across the Setonaikai, one finds Naoshima. This island retreat once was a fishing village, but is now an art-themed Elysium inhabited by sculpture parks, two spectacular Ando museums, and a fishing village exquisitely retrofitted with site-specific artwork. Even the ferry terminal is a Sanaa bespoke. (more…)


Darryl Chen, 09 10 08

On a street of love hotels in Osaka, the Don Quijote building presents the idea of ‘facade as amusement park ride’, in so doing, referencing the room compartments of capsule hotels and indeed the capsulized love within pay-per-hour hotels. (more…)