Darryl Chen, 19 08 08


Brasilia’s six-lane motorways embrace yesterday’s promise of the speeding automobile that even taxis suffer. They stop far too often. Forget flagging a cab – you really need a driver. So it should come as no surprise that Niemeyer’s Metropolitan Cathedral at the heart of Brasilia’s central axis is planned around an undergound drop-off lane and subterranean carpark. That leaves just the spectacular roof crown visible above ground, as well as a colonnade of statues aligning a pedestrian axis that goes nowhere. (I said, you are supposed to arrive by car.) Coroporate worship meets the autobahn… Aqui há invenção! 



Darryl Chen, 21 07 08

OSCAR NIEMEYER WANTS — the big gesture. the curve of the land. the sensuousness of the female body. the purity of form. the aesthetic experience. the freedom of space.
[The result ---- the master architect. the icon. the averagely-detailed one-liner. impressive from fifty metres, average from five]

LINA BO BARDI WANTS — subversion of society’s repressive structures. art to be sociable. recreation to be productive. the user to know their place in the world.
[The result --- ungainly structures. social condensers. buildings that become more meaningful with inhabitation]